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-I accept the terms and conditions and that the information I provided can be stored and used by the organization to contact me in the future. *Karolinska Institutet (KI) must abide by the principle of public access to official documents. This means that any data registered in our systems is treated as a public document. In accordance with this, information provided in this form is accessible to the public on request. However, it is not customary for KI to pass on information of this kind to other sectors. According to the Personal Data Act (PUL/SFS 1998:204; including amendments), every person registered in this database has the right to receive information about the type of data recorded in his/her name. If you would like a copy of these records, you must apply in writing and the application must be signed by you. According to section 28 of PUL, you are entitled to request that your personal data be rectified, blocked or erased, should it be obvious that the data has not been treated in accordance with current legislation.